Registered Persons

In subsection 18. (2) of the Landscape Architectural Profession Act, Act no 45, 2000 it states that “A person may not practice in any of the categories contemplated in subsection 18. (1) unless he or she is registered in that category”.

Furthermore, in Sub-section 26 (3) the Act goes on to state that “a person who is not registered in terms of the Act may not:

a. Perform any kind of work identified for any category of registered persons,
b. Pretend to be, or in any manner hold or allow himself or herself to be held out as a person registered in terms of this Act,
c. Use the name of any registered person or any name or title referred to in section 18 or 21 ; or
d. Perform any act indicating or calculated to lead persons to believe that he or she is registered in terms of this Act.

The public is to be aware that according to Sub-section 41. (1) of the Act “a person that is contravening section 18(2), 23,25 (8) or 31 (8)(a), (b), (e) or (f) is guilty of an offence”. Sub-section 41.(3) goes on to state that “a person convicted of an offence in terms of section 18(2) may be liable to a fine equal to double the remuneration received by him or her for work done in contravention of section 18(2) or to a fine equal to the fine calculated according to the ratio determined for three years imprisonment in terms of the Adjustment of Fines Act, 1991”.

If you are a member of the public and have come across someone that calls himself/herself a ‘landscape architect’ and whose name does not appear on the list of registered professionals, please contact the Registrar, Ms Bernadette Vollmer who will take the matter forward in the appropriate manner.

If you are qualified and meet the requirements to register with the Council, please contact the SACLAP Registrar to ensure and follow the proper procedure to register.