SACLAP EVALUATION & QUALIFICATION | SACLAP registers the following: Professional Landscape Architect | Professional Landscape Manager (C&M) | Professional Senior Landscape Architectural Technologist | Professional Senior Landscape Technologist | Professional Landscape Architectural Technologist | Professional Landscape Technologist | Professional Landscape Architectural Technician | Professional Landscape Technician | Candidate Landscape Architect | Candidate Landscape Manager (C&M) | Candidate Senior Landscape Architectural Technologist | Candidate Senior Landscape Technologist | Candidate Landscape Architectural Technologist | Candidate Landscape Technologist | Candidate Landscape Architectural Technician | Candidate Landscape Technician .


Functions and Powers of the Council

The Act, sets out the functions, powers and duties of the Council, which can be summarized broadly as follows:

  1. Appointment of registrar and staff members of Council;
  2. Administrative aspects relating to:
         a.Remuneration of Council staff
          b.Co-ordination and record keeping of meetings
          c.Publishing documentation relating to the landscape architectural profession and                    related matters.
  3. Fees and charges relating to services/mandates of the Council:
    a. Application and registration fees
    b. Annual fees
    c. Examination fees
    d. Fees payable for an appeal
    e. Fees payable for education fund
    f. Exemption from any of the fees
  4. Education:
    a. Accreditation of Institutions
    b. Determine competency standards for the purpose of registration
    c. Establishment of mechanisms for registered persons to gain recognition of qualifications and professional status in other countries
    d. Liaise with the relevant National standards body with the view to establishing a standards generating body in terms of these regulations
    e. Recognize or withdraw the recognition of any examinations contemplated by the registration of professionals (Section 19)
    f. Enter into an agreement with any person or body of persons, within or outside the Republic, with regard to the recognition of any examination or qualification for the purposes of this Act,
    g. Give advice to or render assistance to any educational institution, voluntary association or examining body with regard to educational facilities for and the training and education of registered professional persons and prospective registered persons,
    h. Determine, after consultation with the voluntary associations and registered persons, conditions relating to and the nature and extent of continuing education and training. i.e. continued professional development.
  5. Registration of professionals:
    a. Set the requirements/criteria
    b. Set the standards
    c. Set the procedures for registration in the various categories
    d. Establish and uphold the conditions pertaining to the cancellation of registration
    e. Establish and implement the renewal of registration for registered persons in various categories
    f. Setting out of the grievance procedure against registration process and the facilitation of such a process
  6. Investigation of charge of improper conduct
  7. General powers
    a. Make decisions relating to property
    b. Decide upon the manner in which contracts must be entered into on behalf of the council;
    c. Perform any service within its competence
    d. Determine the requirements with which a voluntary association must comply to qualify for recognition by council
    e. Advise the Minister / CBE or matters relating to the landscape architectural profession
    f. Encourage and undertake research into matters relating to the landscape architectural profession
    g. Take any steps considered necessary for the protection of the public in terms of their dealings with registered persons for the maintenance of the integrity and enhancement of the status of the landscape architectural profession.
    h. Identify the type of landscape architectural work which may be performed by persons registered in any of the categories. i.e. Identification of Work process.
    i. Establishment of rules relating to the conduct of Council as well as registered professional persons
    j. As and when necessary appoint a disciplinary tribunal